Lead In Supply Of Poly Piping And Fittings

We are providing complete range of poly piping and fittings. By working with expertise and advance technology techniques poly pipe installation fulfilling every aspect as compared to industry. Since long time of involving in this business we are leading company in Australia by providing best quality products and services. We have earned a big name in buttweld fittings, industrial poly pipe. Matrix Poly Piping system is our new launched which is replacing Advance Piping System (previous piping system) to create best solution of poly piping installation. By introducing Matrix piping systems our aim is not to change ourselves. It is just to show that we understand the piping systems and following new technology by our trained and educated experts. Although the brand and name has been changed but not us, our services and quality including reliability is remained as previously and definitely in future it will also be remained same. Matrix piping system is one door shop where you can find all material for your desired job.

Our expertise:Providing trusted services regarding business ethics we are mainly involved in trading of Piping system Advanced in Victoria for more than 20 years. Matrix piping has given new face to piping.

Matrix Piping Stockists:By the passage of time Matrix Piping is being popular in Australia which is enlarging our business, at this time we are at the top position of industry by providing much complex requirements of poly piping fittings even in hardest situation. Our warehouse is located in Melbourne for dispatching poly pipe fittings, Head office is helping to complete supply tasks and work shop is also situated, we are also engaged in retail of hand-picked all over the Victoria, you don’t have to go to other shop as we are one shop where you can find all about Matrix Poly Piping fittings.A complete solution of piping allows us to stand in the different industry piping such as.

1. Civil Construction.

2. Commercial Plumbing.

3. Irrigation systems.

4. Mining.

5. Water Treatment.

6. Landfill.

7. Aquaculture.

8. Marine Pipe Sleeves. 

Customer Service:As per customers’ satisfaction to complete their job with in time, we are considering our supply on local and international level with quality and affordable cost of the Poly Pipe Fittings, our services lead over the industry and support in the requirement of HDPE piping that’s makes our customers loyal with us for a longtime and it becomes a good medium of cost less marketing with enlarges are business. Online enquiry form is also available at our website for customer facilitation. So, visit our website and find all the solution to your issues.