The Wrong Way To Set Up Your Own Cinema Experience

What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to making your own home theatre? Find out below!

  • The television is not the right size – the biggest reason why your home theatre system is not working out for you is because you did not consider the size of the television when buying it out. There are generally two reasons as to why the television is a bad fit for your room: it is either too big and you literally do not have space for it in your room, or it is too small and you are seated too far from it to get a decent viewing experience. Both reasons are your fault for failing to take measurements. Make sure to consider where you will place your television before buying it – this way, you can visualize how large it should be, and you can take the maximum measurements for it. And yes, do not buy the largest television you find at the shop.
  • The placement of the television is bad – suppose you bought a television that fits in your room correctly, and yet, you cannot really see the video properly. What might be the problem now? Of course, it is placement. If you have considered measurements, you also need to consider the correct placement for a television. To begin with, the screens of most televisions do bad with glare from both natural and artificial light – they will reflect it in a way that you won’t see what is being displayed. And secondly, depending on where your seating is, your television might be simply in the wrong direction – that is, the corner-most seats cannot see the content because of the angle of view.
  • The audio system is bad – Hi Fi systems Brisbane translate to ‘high-fidelity systems’; these are audio systems which have a high audio reproduction quality. Basically, without all the jargon, it means they do their job right, but they are somewhat expensive. However, if you are creating your own home theatre, you must be prepared for significant expenses, and there is no point in being cheap if you cannot enjoy the theatre experience after it all. Make sure to invest in a good audio system that matches with the needs of your room – focus on the size of the speakers, as well as their locations.
  • You did not pay attention to the cables – and finally, most people often forget to think about the cables, because most manufacturers include a couple with their products. Well, most of these cables are super-thin, which means that not only are they easily damaged, but they can also suffer from radio interference. This is why you need to buy thicker cables of a lower gauge and of a better quality.