Why Should You Choose Heliaehs To Test The Soil On Your Property?

soil testing Melbourne

Leading soil testing Melbourne services are offered by Heliaehs for both residential and commercial buildings. Our engineers can conduct a test and deliver the results to you, if you require a soil test for building, remodeling, or purchasing real estate. Heliaehs has offered specialized structural engineering and soil testing services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects for many years. We recognize that every circumstance is different, and we look at every problem from a fresh perspective. You can make decisions about your project with confidence thanks to the exceptional results we consistently produce thanks to our experience. We can provide the results you need for residential or business soil testing in Melbourne.

  • You can receive the services you require if prices are competitive.
  • All soil testing and inspections include a thorough report that is sent in less than 24 hours.
  • For the most precise results, we employ market-leading technologies.
  • We can offer total peace of mind because we have complete professional indemnity insurance and a satisfaction guarantee.


Before moving forward with any construction or renovation projects, the soil will probably need to be tested. As the information is utilized by authorities to make sure that there are no chemical or physical issues on the site that can impact the property or the people in it, you will frequently need a soil test if you are buying or selling property as well. Any type of soil testing that your building project necessitates might be assisted by the experts at Heliaehs. With years of experience in soil testing and other property inspection services, we have the skills and equipment necessary to complete any task effectively. We offer soil testing services in Melbourne and around Victoria. If you schedule a soil test, we may return the results to you in as little as 24 hours.

Why Respirator Fit Testing is Necessary in Melbourne?

To make sure their RPE is functioning properly when it is first put on; all asbestos removalists in Australia are required to do an asbestos respirator fit test. In order to limit airborne contaminants and the hazards connected with them, it is essential for the health, construction, and government sectors to implement face fit testing and choose the appropriate respiratory protective equipment. A respirator fit test will demonstrate whether there are any seal gaps between the worker’s face and the respirator face piece that might allow airborne pollutants to enter the respirator. This includes instructing staff members on how to use, maintain, and clean the equipment. We at Heliaehs can do on-site respirator fit testing in Melbourne. A respirator fit test determines how well your respiratory protective equipment protects you from harmful airborne contaminants. Every worker has unique facial characteristics, such as a varied facial shape and size, so it’s important to check that the RPE that is given to each employee fits their face properly. Heliaehs will do our thorough face respirator fit testing to ascertain whether an RPE would fit.