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Vehicle Shipping Australia Background and Services: 

We are a Brisbane-based organization that came into existence back in 1991. Through us, the automobile is shipped in Australia from across the USA, Europe and Asia. VSA works with leading companies like BMW, Audi, GM, Honda and many more to transport their vehicle. An average rate of fifteen hundred vehicles is shipped every month by VSA. The company has been certified and tested by the world’s most prominent testing authority bureau. VSA import car from China to Australia which is a difficult process, but we make it easy for the customers. We also specifically import a car from Hong Kong to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and even Fremantle via the quickest and most direct services. The vehicles we import include cars, bikes, boats, jet skis, mowers, parts and much more. VSA uses a safe and secure method of double stacking cargo inside one container, the process is also shown in the video on the website.  Four cars are packed inside a container carefully which minimises the collapse of wooden packaging, it is also an environment-friendly method and cost-effective as well.  

How Much Does It Take to Ship a Vehicle from The U. S. To Australia? 

Vehicle Shipping Australia makes sure that the customer receives the full information regarding expenses without any hidden charges from the beginning to the end. You can now import a car from China to Australia via VSA in your preferred budget. A transparent process will be communicated to the customer before any action. The type of transportation you choose is the most crucial cost factor. Air freight is usually the highest priced option whereas sea freight can be low cost but takes longer. To choose the best course of action according to your choice, evaluate the costs and timelines of the diverse alternatives provided by VSA. The size and weight of your vehicle are another important cost element as well. The greater size and weight of the vehicle will result in higher transportation expenses. In the same way, if the customer’s vehicle is carrying extra cargo or equipment then the overall cost will increase. A customer has to keep the other factors in the budget as well, like the import duty fee, GST and other charges on arrival. Lastly, it’s essential to take into consideration the administrative costs associated with importing your car to Australia. By taking into account all of these estimated costs, a customer can better comprehend the actual costs associated with shipping a car to Australia. Import a car from Hong Kong to stand out from the general public because a car does describe your personality. For more information, please log on to

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Our importers will be delighted to discuss your specific needs. Let’s plan together and research to ensure that your budget doesn’t exceed the limit. We make it easier to import a car from China to Australia for you.