Pros And Cons Of Wooden Windows

The windows have been part of construction from centuries. Initially, only the void space was left in the wall that serves as a window, then the fabric was used to cover the same void. As with advancement in material sciences, the use of wood for window become common and for centuries, the wood was the only option for windows. Even now, sill the wood is one of the popular materials for windows. Due to its versatility and beauty, there is no doubt that wood will always remain the popular option for windows. There are many advantages of installing the wooden windows, but yes, they have some drawbacks also.


• Aesthetics: It’s a unanimous opinion that wooden windows are beautiful and elegant. This is the foremost reason that still people prefer wooden windows from Melbourne, otherwise, there is more durable material like metal or vinyl are available. These materials are cheaper than wood significantly. But nothing matches the classy look of wooden windows. If you want to give a vintage or traditional look to your home or room, then you have to install wooden windows.

• Insulation: Wood is a bad conductor of heat; the same advantage can be obtained from wooden windows. The metal frames can get hot and transmit the same heat inside the house. But using the wooden frame will reduce the rate of heat transmission. You can double the effect by using the right type of glass, that can further resist the heat. The wooden windows can be perfect fit where your house will be directly exposed to sunlight, for most of the daytime. The wooden windows will help to keep your house cooler.

• Durability: If the right wood has been chosen and installation is done by professional, then you don’t have to worry about the life of your window. With proper shining and polishing, the wooden windows can easily last for decades. Unlike metal, the wooden windows will expand and contract less due to temperature fluctuations. If they are sealed properly, there will be less chance for cracks or breakage.

• Versatility: The wooden window may be of any shape and size. This provides enough flexibility for customized size and shape. The variety of wood is vast, there is so much option in terms of texture or colour. Even the wood can easily be painted, so you have the liberty to change the colour after some time, to enjoy the difference. Link here provide a high quality of windows that will perfect to your house.


• High Cost: The wooden windows are considerably expensive compared to metal or vinyl. The reason for the high cost is the material cost and also the wooden windows need expert craftsmanship whereas metal windows can easily be mass-produced in the factory. But the higher price is worth the elegance and class, that they give to your house.

• Regular maintenance: Unlike metal windows, the wooden windows need proper maintenance. If they will not be properly polished or painted after regular intervals, then with time it will lose its shine plus they will start withering off.