The Beauty Techniques

Since ancient times women have experimented and applied various methods to enhance their beauty and femininity to appear more attractive and irresistible. Ancient Egyptians were the first to make makeup products that their women use to wear in their day to day life, especially the ladies in the higher officials. Now the time is modern and there are modern techniques for every beauty hack.

Along with perfect lips, eyes are the most important feature of the fact that people feel should be taken care of to look bewitching as the more beautiful the eyes the more attractive face is. So, when you are talking about the facial features that have importance in enhancing the look, eyes are the first that people talk about.

Natural ways:

There are several various natural ways to thicken the eyelashes and the eyebrows. Natural methods take longer to work and show results. They depend on the eating habits of a person and the genetic play a role as well. Consistency is the key when you are trying to achieve with the natural methods as it will take longer to have the results.

Methods of the salon:

For eyelashes and eyebrows, salons are opting for the quick fix methods. They know their customers want quick results so they choose to have methods that are fast to show the results, but safe to be applied on. There are various ways to give the brows and lashes the instant enhanced look. Like false eyelashes. These eyelashes even have several types and kinds to choose from. The makeup techniques are used to give the brows the appearance of thicker brows.

The beauty industry has gifted the women by the quick solutions for the brows and lashes that are long-lasting and give the appearance of natural once. For brows there is microblading and for lashes, there is eyelash extension. Both of these are safe and have a long life. Women of all ages want to look naturally beautiful. Often they are unable to achieve it by natural ways, hence they rush towards these two methods as they are painless and they don’t have to remove them by the end of the day and apply them again the next day.


The process of good microblading is painless due to the numbing cream applies during the skin preparations. The only thing that bothers people often is the sound of the blade cutting through the skin as it is so close to the brain where receptors are as close as possible to the brain. After cutting through the skin dark-coloured pigment is filled with a stroke. This method is also known as the feather touch. It helps to make natural brows thicker.

Eyelash extension:

Nearly 200 single hair sized of an eyelash are glued one by one to ensure the natural appearance of the eyelashes. This procedure normally takes around 2 hours to be completed. As this with proper care and maintenance can last up to a year, women are now preferring this simple method over the natural once and they do it every time the lash period is at the end.