Tips For Maintaining A Commercial Kitchen

A restaurant largely operates on the machinery and kitchen equipment, the failure of any of this equipment can definitely cause a huge loss in the business. The staff should know how to handle these types of machinery and to maintain them, mistreatment can delay the service and worse put the restaurant out of business for a while. Here are a few steps you can take in order to make sure that all the items are up and running smoothly and efficiently.

Floor maintenance

This is the last thing on anyone’s mind, but little do they know that this is a very important aspect of the kitchen. Improper, shaky or cracked floors can cause the staff to slip and fall, almost all the kitchen items are in close proximity to each other, so a fall can definitely injure them leaving you short staffed and hence decrease the productivity in the kitchen.

Cleaning and checking the equipment

Ensure that all the equipment and their parts are cleaned thoroughly and regularly, allowing dust to collect up can decrease their efficiency and increase the risk of fire hazards. Not taking care of grease build ups in fryers can increase the risk of starting a fire. You should also get a professional to inspect your items at least every 6 months to ensure that they are safe and are in a good condition. Cleaning up includes every aspect of the kitchen and that includes grease trap cleaning Melbourne too. Grease traps are there to trap grease and solid food particles that go down the restaurant’s drain, not taking care of this can lead to a clog in the restaurant’s plumbing system and cause a foul odor.

Furthermore, get the plumber to evaluate the condition of your drainage system more frequently, a regular sewer camera inspection Melbourne can help analyze the internal drainage conditions. This will help to identify and deal with issues such as rusting at an earlier stage. Detecting this early can save you a lot of money in the future. Lastly and more importantly, you should ensure that your staff members are highly trained to handle kitchen equipment, and are aware of the safety precautions to take when using them. Running a restaurant might be really stressful but it’s not that difficult to keep tabs of the kitchen items, your manager can check the condition of the kitchen and get a professional service done accordingly. Remember that this is going to cost you so much less than it will when the kitchen isn’t serviced properly.