What Is A Lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who has studied law and after the studies, he has completed his legal training and then has been admitted to the Supreme Court, only then he can call himself a ‘lawyer’. In order for a loyal to do any legal work, he/she should be practicing currently and so should have the certificate of it as well. The people who hire these lawyers to fight their cases, have a right to ask the lawyer about the current practicing certificate in case the certificate is not on display in their offices.

Lawyers have been working on different areas of the law, just like doctors, they have the option of specializing in any one of the fields of law itself. For example, being an experienced lawyer for section 10, or a property lawyer, or even a family lawyer, it all depends on the interest of the person studying law and thinking about his career. These lawyers are known as specialist lawyers as they have expertise in a specific field of law. Any lawyers who do not specialize in a specific area, and so can work in various areas of law are known as generalist lawyers. They either work as sole practitioner, as for themselves only, or in a generalist law firm.

The duties of a lawyer are first of all counselling the clients about legal issues and then showing up in the court proceedings as well. A lawyer has to work inside the court room as well as outside the court room. They have to prepare cases and research about the case of their client. Talking about clients, they can be individuals, in most cases, but clients can also be different organizations and businesses that need their cases handled by the lawyer. A criminal lawyer will spend most of his time in the court room because they are usually involved in prosecutions and defense unlike the tax lawyers who have to work outside the court rooms during their time of the case carrying on. No matter if you are a specialist lawyer or a generalist lawyer, it is completely up to you. And people choosing a specialist lawyer or a generalist lawyer also may depend on their legal issue. 

A type of a lawyer is a solicitor. They only have to be admitted to the Supreme court of the country they want to practice in currently, they take the responsibility of your case completely and can do various jobs regarding your case too. A solicitor can research the law, and give you legal advices regarding the case. They can make draft letters and emails and faxes too. They can work at a private firm or can do sole practice or even work with a government or a community center.